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NURTURE is an electric steam sterilizer and dryer. Its latest invention brings you a new and efficient way of preparing your baby bottles on a daily basis. This unified design delivers an outstanding performance with a one-button does all functions.

It is worth to discover something great for your children!

Modern technology
for the ultimatehygiene protection

Steam sterilizing

With NURTURE, sterilizing becomes easier for parents.
One push of a button will start off the whole sanitizing work.

The steam sterilization method that NURTURE uses can eliminate 99.9% of germs from your baby bottles and feeding accessories. In just 15 minutes, the high heat steam that flows in a swirling motion will guarantee the hygiene every nook in the bottles & items. This feature provides a safe & healthy environment to your children.

A smarter wayto set up your bottles

Hot Air Drying

The drying method is truly as crucial as the sterilizing process itself. NURTURE uses hot air blow into every bottle & item on accessories basket guiding by an air deflector to dry quickly and hygienically in short duration. A conventional open air drying or wiping wet bottles with towel will expose them to everyday dust and bacteria.

This function comes handy with 35, 45, and 60 minutes to choose from. (Not In Auto Cycle Mode). This feature absolutely facilitates the hustled feeding; no more wasted time on waiting bottles to dry.

Let’s blow away
the smell!

Negative Ion Deodorizer

Bottles and other baby feeding equipment won’t only come out of the chamber sterilized and dried, they will also be odor-free, thanks to NURTURE’s Negative Ion Deodorizer technology. It is automatically activated whenever the dryer is on, because it is a built-in feature that adds to the value, not to the effort.

Just push & repeat!

Auto Cycle

When you press the Auto button, the unit will perform a comprehensive sterilizing and drying in just one hour before alerting completion and automatically shut off to conserve the energy.

This innovative feature sterilizes and dries all the baby bottles and accessories. It also smartly shuts off by itself when it detects over-heating or when the unit is tipping over.

NURTURE is a truly time saver with a built-insafety function for your baby and home.

Simple, easy-to-useproduct with better vision

With NURTURE's electric steam sterilizer and dryer, you have everything you need in one package to embrace the efficient way in taking care your baby bottles, breast pumps, pacifiers, and other feeding accessories.

Easy to use yet capable, NURTURE engineered this revolutionary product that delivers a great quality that comes with plenty of benefits. The design and size of this product takes up minimal counter spaces and make it easy to move from one place to another.

NURTURE transforms the way you sterilizing your baby bottles and accessories with 3-in-1 feature of auto sterilizing, drying, and deodorizing.

The product is made of 100% BPA-free material to ensure toxic-free environment for your baby. A spacious chamber can hold up to 8 bottles of any sizes from all types of brands. Let NURTURE do the job while you have more quality time with your baby.

Nurture your mind with great things and let your baby's future dazzle. We are happy to be able to share a hand and help you.

Together, for the better future :)

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Smartly Designed Safety

Auto shut-off (safety mode) will activate when unit detect overheating, tip-over, and when the cycle completes. NURTURE keeps your home and baby safe.

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NURTURE is made of FDA approved food-grade plastic; polypropylene. The material is able to withstand temperature up to 135 °C and is free from BPA, PVC, & Phthalate.

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Use Anytime, Save Anytime

Automatically turn off itself at the end of each cycle will not waste any power consumption. In fact, it has a very low watts design. NURTURE definitely keep your home energy efficient and